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What to wear on different occasions


 If you are going to any occasion, obviously you will have to wear different types of clothes and style because some occasions require different type of clothes. Today we will suggest on what type of clothes to wear on different type of occasions. We are gonna cover few streetwear outfits based on our opinions that are suitable and what not. You could also comment and give your own opinions about what outfit are suitable for any occasions.














If you are going for a concert, we suggest you rock some light outfit like a basic Tee or a thin flannel. Reason is it looks poppin' and furthermore your body will not be too sweaty since concerts are crowded and it will be hot. As for pants, jogger pants are the way to go because joggers are flexible and makes you easy to move around. Regular or skinny jeans are also suitable, since jeans are a good fit to match with Tee's and flannels. For even more comfort, wearing short pants is a very great alternative since concerts are somewhat heated. As for sneakers, we highly recommend you wear any brand of shoe, but more importantly the sneakers are beaters, because if you rock a new pair of sneakers in a concert, your shoes will absolutely become dirty as people will step on it, for sure.






Same as mens, we suggest ladies to rock simple outfits such as basic tee, short pants/skirts and sneakers that are beat up. The key outfit to any concerts are thin materials because like we said earlier, concerts are crowded and things could get a little heat up.





On A Date


If you are on a date, you don't expect us to ask you guys wearing a couple Tee do you? There's nothing wrong with matching Tee's, its just a little bit cliche in 2018 we must say 😂 But we do suggest couples wearing color matching outfits, maybe the same sneakers to rock with. When you're on a date, you wanna look like the most hottest couple around, so you need some good affordable piece of clothing but still look great with your couple. You don't need to break the bank and buy fancy clothes, sometimes its the tiny details that makes the whole outfit pop. We'll show you some of the few examples of a great outfit to rock on a date.







These are some of the streetwear outfit that you could rock with your couple. There are a lot of other alternatives outfits and sneakers that you could try on, we recommend you guys to do more research and try things out. Rockin' your outfit on a date is always a great idea.






Travelling is a necessity for most people in this world so they could discover other countries culture, visiting places they've never seen before and making an escape from reality. Some people don't care what they wear, and some people do. In other countries, streetwear cultures are different from one another, so it depends on which country you represent. Nevertheless, streetwear are in the same roots and for now, we are gonna cover streetwear outfit to rock whether in cold or hot weather.










Depending on the weather, you can rock from a flannel to a 6 inch Timbs. If the weather is hot, wear some bright outfit so you wont feel sweaty. Wear white and light sneakers every time you decided to walk around town. If the weather is cold or winter, you could rock a hoodie, a two layer jacket, a sweatpants and any winter boots or sneakers. But always, remember not to break the bank and wear things you could afford, always!






In a sneaker event, you could actually rock any piece of clothing or any sneakers you like, depending on your mood. Some people rock hoodies, some people rock Tee's and flannel, some rock sweatshirts and ripped jeans. As for sneakers, some rock Yeezy's and some rock Vans. Regardless of what mood you are in, always remember not to overspend your outfit to impress other people, just DO YOU and make sure the outfit matches your personality, and budget too :)







So that's our piece of nugget that we could share with the community. You are welcome to give any suggestions and opinions on what outfit are suitable for specific occasions. We would really appreciate your thoughts! 


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