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We are not just a T-shirt Brand

December 17, 2018

If you're wondering what Frugal is all about, one thing we are not is only a T-shirt brand. Our vision is more than just creating a T-shirt, we have a vision to make an impact in Malaysia.  Our main vision is to educate people to budget and not overspending money for clothes, and put aside the money for other things like start a business, or other important stuff. The reason our t-shirt price is reasonable, because we want you to buy from us, because our quality and cutting are almost the same as other streetwear brands.  


Our main mission is simple, we also produce pictures in our page as a tip for you to choose your outfit and how to dress up. We also produce written content/blogs in our website for you to read and educate yourself in terms of streetwear trends or in financial terms. 



And here's the best part:


Every T-shirt we produce, there's a message that you need to figure out. And when you wear it, people will look at the Tee that you're wearing and wondering what it means. But trust us, our message is much more than a typical message. Our message is about a purpose and cause for the people in Malaysia.





Our mission is for our community to still look cool without spending a lot of money on clothes just to be accepted in the streetwear scene.


"Frugal" in Malay means "Mampu milik" or "sederhana". Thats our concept, frugal fashion is our identity, that's the pure vision and mission for our community and that's what Frugal Streetwear Society is all about.




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