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What to expect in 2019

January 3, 2019




In 2018, we put out a lot of content focusing on education and fashion tips because that was our main focus for this community. And by the 3rd quarter, we decided to put out our first T-shirt because most of the people community demanded that we create Tee's based on our concept. 


So in 2019, we divided our focus to 3 parts that we think we could do to serve this community.



1) Written Content

2) Frugal Fashion Guide

3) More designs for "Frugal" T-shirt




The main focus in 2019 is more on our written content, to give you insights on streetwear and opinion about whats happening in the streetwear scene. Not to forget about education, because for us knowledge is very important for us in Malaysia to stay ahead and more aware of what's happening in today's world.


We are also gonna post more fashion tips on our social media content so we could guide you to dress without spending an enormous amount of money. That's our mission, we want people to dress frugally but still look cool. You really don't need thousand dollars of T-shirts and gear to look the part, all you need is a few touch and few dollars, and most importantly you need to know your identity in streetwear. When you know your identity, it will definitely be easy to mix and match your outfit.


And last but not least, we will produce more Tee's for this year. The best part about our Tee is every T-shirt we produce, we wanna deliver a message. Because our main concept is always based on education and to spread a good message, even though our Tee is about sending a message, we will still focus on the latest streetwear designs and trends. Another best part about our Tee is because based on our name which is "Frugal", our quality is almost the same with other brands, except our price is even affordable . Because that is our concept and identity, we wanna serve our community in the best way possible.


So that's our main focus in 2019. As a member of our community, we would really like for you guys to give your suggestion and give us ideas so we could improve to strive and create a better content for our community. Comment below if you have any ideas for us. Thank you and may you guys have a great 2019!

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