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Our Latest Tee drop "Life Is About Choices, But You Can't Have Both" The meaning behind it

April 19, 2019



The design is our latest drop in our "Vision Tee" collection. The design is inspired by a few streetwear brands, and the unique colorway was inspired by our own creativity because we figured that the neon green and black makes the shirt pop. 


But the most important thing in the T-shirt for us is the message. The message says "Life is about choices, but you can't have both". What does it mean? 


The definition is clear and simple. Some things in life, you couldn't have all the things that you wanted. It's about making sacrifices. If you wanna be successful, you need to work hard and sacrifice leisure time such as going out to parties every weekend, not saying that's wrong, just know your priorities. If you love to party every weekend, don't expect to become a success in a short period of time. If you desire to become a success, you must sacrifice going out every weekend and partying.


This message could be applied to anything such as in relationships, you could only date one person, gotta choose one only and that's life, you gotta sacrifice a few things or someone, in order to move forward.


In terms of streetwear, you gotta choose your identity. You can't be frugal and a hypebeast at the same time. It just doesn't make sense, but there are pros and cons in both identity. Frugal doesn't make all eyes on you because you're wearing something that's not flashy, but the good thing is you have money for other priorities. As for someone who's a hypebeast, you may have the flashiest clothes, but you're priorities maybe not in order. Like we said earlier, life is about choices, but you can't have both.




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