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A Meeting With Malaysian Entertainer, Harvinth Skin





Yesterday we had the chance to meet with Harvinth Skin, who is known for being Malaysian entertainer through social platform such as Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. The reason we approached him was because we believe he could impact the Malaysian streetwear culture by thinking in a different perspective. 


Harvinth Skin is an individual who is different in terms of the way he thinks, in terms of his personality and we decided to bring him value and spread the word for the Malaysian community. We also believe that he is an influential person because of his character, his content has always been focusing to create laughter for the audiences, and therefore he make this world a happier place. In terms of the way he thinks, every content he puts out there will always be a valuable message that he's trying to deliver to the audiences.


For example, he once made a joke to his audiences to deposit money in his bank account to buy a pair of sneakers. It was only a joke, until a lot of people deposited the money in his bank account. But the best part was, he didn't buy that pair of sneakers for himself, but he went to purchase a whole bunch of shoes to donate to the orphanage house, in which we realized that the orphans needed the shoe more than him. What's the message in that content? Harvinth cared more about giving back to the community, he is a selfless individual and wanted to give a message which is " the secret to living is always giving", and he is always giving back to the community to create more happiness and fulfillment among us.


And how does it relate to us in Frugal Streetwear? Because our mission is similar to him, to encourage and spread a great message towards the streetwear culture and also the Malaysian community towards living a humble life, and being true to ourselves at all times. We believe by working with Harvinth, our community will be true to themselves and encourage people to live life with more kindness, more positivity and with more optimism, so we could impact our next generation, through streetwear.

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