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What does Malaysia streetwear culture represent?

August 13, 2019




Streetwear in Malaysia has a culture and identity because there are different groups of streetwear enthusiast. But what do we really represent? Because in other countries, people really know what they represent themselves through what they wear.


For instance, people in New York wear Timberland Construct Yellow Boots because its their signature kicks. As for London, they wear trainers and rarely they wear basketball sneakers such as Jordan's because Jordan's are not their cup of Tea.


In any part of Los Angeles, their signature culture is more on skateboarding, punk, hip-hop and surfing because Los Angeles because that's what they represent since a long time. 


So ask yourself, what does Malaysia represent? Are we famous for being a hypebeast? What type of subculture do we really represent? 


If you know the answer, comment below because we really wanna know what your opinion and what we really represent.

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